About this GUIDE!

  • Are you a hybrid teacher who wants to provide a meaningful learning experience to all your students?

  • Do you teach on-line and don't want to have your student on the screen all the time?

  • Do you teach in-person with so many restrictions and want to have hands-on and meaningful learning experience?

  • Get over 700 brain-friendly instructional strategies that will save you time and give your the peace of mind that you are providing a meaningful learning experience!

  • Instructional Strategies that ENERGIZE/ENGAGE, FOCUS and CALM your students' brains.

  • You will NOT find this TYPE of GUIDE anywhere else! We didn't learn all this in college! Learn here about how to do everything in your classroom according to brain science, the organ which is used the most in the teaching and learning process!

  • ALL these things promote ATTENTION AND RETENTION, a true learning experience!

Your students will have a MEANINGFUL & LASTING virtually, blended, or face-to-face LEARNING EXPERIENCE..

by having a brain-friendly learning space design AND instruction!

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What other teachers say about this guide!

Svetlana from Russia


Svetlana from Russia

Just to say a big thank you, Yanina, for the Ultimate Guide! I enjoy every idea, every piece of advice, every method and the structure of the guide itself. It is so inspiring! Can't wait to try everything from the Guide! It is a MASTERPIECE! From now on, it is my reference book. Yanina, you are a brilliant teacher and you are amazing at what you do! Thank you so much for your work on the Brain Tips for Teachers Project!

It has helped me in my PARENTING

I have been in special education for 22 years and believe in this breakdown. It has helped me in MY PARENTING and in the CLASSROOM. I see a huge difference in FOCUS, ATTENTION, and PRODUCTIVITY and so on. For my younger ones, big differences in self-regulation and task completion. Thank you for sharing this great resource!

This is a toolbox!


I felt that I had a box of tool that I could use constantly. Even though everything is based on Neuroscience, the tips are EXTREMELY practical for a busy teacher and POWERFUL above all. I could better serve my students and I did notice the difference in my teaching and in their learning experience.

I can reach my students in the best way possible now!


Yanina, I really enjoyed this Guide. It helped me understand our amazing brain better and how I can best reach my students. The ideas, tips, and tricks were practical and easy to implement. I also loved that format of this guide. It was a great mix of reading, videos, and external support links, and research. I was engaged the whole time and couldn't wait to learn more.

This Guide is a GEM!


This brain based guide is a GEM! I love how it’s so INTENTIONAL, MEANINGFUL and PRACTICAL in all the teaching strategies and tips mentioned for the classroom design. It hasn’t just made me feel EMPOWERED but it has also MOTIVATED me to try new things in my classroom and watch as my students strive! I am so grateful Yanina!

About Yanina

Classroom Teacher, Presenter & PhD Student

Yanina is an Elementary teacher who is passionate about bringing Cogntive Neuroscience to the classroom through the most practical way applied to classroom design and instruction! Yanina spent years studying Neuroscience and applying these principles in her classroom and presenting about them nationally and internationally. This guide contains all the principles and tips that she wishes she knew years ago! This guide has helped so many teachers around the globe, including Russia, India, South Africa, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico and across the US. This guide will help you transform YOU as a teacher too!
I really need this now to benefit my students and me.